Father Michael J. McGivney Guild

The Order of the Knights of Columbus has established the Father McGivney Guild to promote the cause for canonization of our founder, Fr. Michael J. McGivney. 

The goal of the Guild is to spread the good word about his holiness of life, to encourage devotion to his memory, and to seek his intercession before the throne of God. The Guild serves as a clearinghouse for information about Fr’. McGivney, his life and works, and any favors attributed to his intercession.

Fr. McGivney is a unique model for today’s Catholic and today’s Catholic priest because of his attention to the social ills and injustices of his day and his collaboration with the laity. He was zealous for the life of union with God through prayer and the sacraments, and he would have been right at home in today’s world. He was then and would be today an eager apostle for the Gospel of life, and a determined foe of the culture of death.

Membership in the Guild is open to anyone who wishes to share in this mission of making known the life and work of Fr. McGivney and of encouraging devotion to his memory. All one need do is fill out the application below and mail it in to become enrolled. There is no charge to enroll, but donations are accepted.

The Guild is anxious to receive reports of favors received through Fr. McGivney’s intercession. It is not only miracles that are required to move the cause forward, but witnesses to the power of the servant of God’s prayers before the throne of God.

Members of the Guild receive a newsletter and periodic updates on the progress of the cause for canonication.