Building the Domestic Church – The Family Fully Alive

Pope Francis reminded us that Christian families “are the domestic church where Jesus grows in the love of a married couple, in the lives of their children.”

SYNODS on the Family — Next month, Catholic bishops from across the globe will gather at the Vatican for the first of two synods on the family and evangelization. Learn more about these synods and the topics they will explore at USCCB site.

Building the Domestic Church – The Family Fully Alive

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Monthly Themes & Meditations
For Councils

Participating in this initiative can be as simple as providing this booklet to your council and interested parish families. For councils that wish to do more to help strengthen their council families in faith and in turn strengthen their parishes, they can undertake these other items.

Start your program by asking your chaplains or another attending clergy member to bless the Holy Family icons that families have brought to the event. Then offer families the chance to share their monthly project and also what spending time together on the project has meant to them.

Family Movie Nights (once a month)

Invite all your council and parish families to gather as a family of families and share fun and fellowship while watching a free family movie. Have a special area for the kids, set up chairs in the back for parents/guardians, and provide free refreshments. Council leaders will find suggested movies for each month as well as simple steps in setting up a movie night.

Your council will need to obtain a special license to be able to show these movies in public. To cover this, your council can obtain a yearly paid subscription from the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC). Information on this service can be found at

Here are some tips on hosting the movie night:

Send out flyers (via email and by hand) to your council families. Also, consider distributing to parish families as well. Include the date, time, location, movie title, information on what charity contributions are being collected for, as well as an invitation for children to bring sleeping bags, blankets and pillows. You should also note that free refreshments will be available.
Open the doors for people to come in and settle a half hour before the movie begins.
Have free popcorn, lemonade, water, coffee or other refreshments available for attendees.
Set up a container to accept voluntary donations for either an ongoing charitable cause (possibly one associated with your parish) or a different charity each month.
Consider having an intermission halfway through the movie to allow for bathroom breaks and time to stretch.
After the movie, have a short discussion on the film (how it portrayed families, what were the good things that the characters did together, and what lessons they learned).

Family-Oriented Volunteer Projects (once a month)
Invite council families and other interested families to volunteer at a council service program each month. Council leaders will find suggested volunteer activities in this booklet to serve as a guide, but they may substitute programs or activities that the council already has planned for each month.

Rosary Crusade on Fountain Square in Cincinnati – October 10, 2015

On the occasion of the 98th anniversary of Our Lady’s appearance at Fatima, Portugal, we are sponsoring a Rosary Crusade on Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati on Saturday October 10, 2015 from Noon to 1:30 PM. This will be one of over 7,500 Rosary Crusades scheduled throughout the United States and in 25 foreign countries on this date. The purpose of the Rosary Crusade is to encourage families to pray the Rosary daily as requested by Our Lady of Fatima.

The Rosary Crusade will begin with the Knights of Columbus processing onto Fountain Square with the statue of Our Lady of Fatima, following by talks from Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Binzer, Fr. Shannon Collins, M.S.J.B. and Fr. Cyril Whitaker, S.J. Praying the Rosary and reciting the Litany to the Blessed Virgin Mary. There will also be musical accompaniment by Mr. Ric Aielli. We will have numerous books and publications available at no cost for those attending the Rosary Crusade.

If you have any questions about the Rosary Crusade, please call us at 513-793-5872 or email
In the service of Our Lord,
The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, & Property (TFP)

Adobe PDF:
 Adobe PDF Document Rosary Crusade Information

Sir Knights All,
Master White has authorized me to send you this information about a Rosary Crusade to be held on Fountain Square (downtown Cincinnati) at noon on
Saturday, October 10, 2015. Would you please encourage your members to ask their pastors to notify parishioners of this event, and perhaps to even
make note of it in their church bulletins, etc.. With the current attacks on the Church, this Rosary Crusade offers us a good chance to join together
and let the world know the great need to prayer.